Town and Country Planning


1.1Main objectives and responsibilities of the Department :

Main objectives of the Department is to regulate the growth of cities, Towns and Rural areas in the state in a planned manner by providing Civil and Social amenities for the people of the state and thus controlling the land speculation and profiting.

To achieve This, survey works of towns and cities will be made for preparing base maps, present land use maps, Outline Development Plan, Comprehensive Development plan in which the basic amenities required for anticipated for one or two decades.

Necessary Assistance and guidance in enforcement of Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961.  In the state of the Urban Development authorities planning authorities and such other agencies by the department.

1.2 Main Regulatory Function :-

Declaration of local Planning areas of the planning authorities which are constituted    Under K.T.C.P. Act 1961 which itself is a statutory Act.

1.3 K.T.C.P. Act 1961. Its Extension to Urban Centers :-

Declaration of local planning areas to any town of cities of Karnataka State under probision of section 4 (a) of the Act, and to the regulate the provisions made in Karnataka Land Revenue Act. 1964, Karnataka Municipal Act.  1961 and Karnataka Development Authorities Act 1987 in regard to town planning.