Stamps and Registration


“To deliver Registration Services to citizens in a timely, transparent, more accessible, reliable manner and in a comfortable environment through streamlined processes and committed, trained and motivated workforce”.


Reduced average time for registration of documents at Sub-Registrar Office Provide ease of access to the citizens by introducing electronic delivery of services through additional channels such as Web-portal, Bangalore One, Karnataka One, Nemmadi Centres , Nada Kacheri etc.

Integration with other departments for seamless delivery of services

Real time Integration with Bhoomi  for curbing fraudulent registrations.

Integration with Municipal Bodies, Treasury, Income Tax Department etc.

Increased accountability of officials at various levels of the Registration processes

Ensure better integrity of data by enhancing security and authenticity at all levels of process and exchange of data

About Department

One of the oldest department dating back to the year 1856.

3rd highest revenue earning department to the state exchequer.

Rs 5260 crores  of revenue generated in the year 2012-13

34 District Registrar Offices looking after registration of firms, Societies and administration within their jurisdiction.


  1. Registration Act, 1908 Karnataka Registration Rules, 1965
  2. Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957
  3. Karnataka Stamp Rules, 1958
  4. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  5. Special Marriage Act, 1954
  6. Indian Partnership Act, 1932
  7. Karnataka Partnership Rules, 1954

Other related Acts and Rules that have bearing on the Registration of documents

Transfer of Property Act, 1882

Indian Contract Act, 1872

Powers of Attorney Act, 1882

Indian Succession Act, 1925

Hindu Succession Act, 1956

The Muslim Personal Law

Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961

Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964

Karnataka Land Grant Rules, 1969

Other related Acts and Rules that have bearing on the Registration of properties

Karnataka Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prohibition of Transfer of certain lands ) Act, 1978

Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act,1976

Karnataka Municipalities, 1964

Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, 1993

Karnataka Agricultural  Credit     Operations and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1974

Land Acquisition Act, 1894

Income Tax Act, 1961

Need for Computerization: Emergence of KAVERI

Time Consuming Process

Manual Errors in copying Documents/EC/CC

Excessive dependence on manual  Discretion

Delay in Delivery of Services

Multiple visits by citizens for availing  Services

Preservation, Security & Retrieval of Records was a challenge

Prone to manipulation of records

Susceptible to Revenue leakage

KAVERI – Features

Automatic calculation of Market Value/Stamp & Registration fee

Automatic Indexing of EC data

Scanning of Registered Documents and storing in CD’s

Search and generation of Encumbrance Certificate

Marriage registration

Society Registration and Filing

Automatic generation / transmission of XML J-form files to SDC

Generation of VMS bills for scanned pages

Capturing Photo /Thumb impressions of parties through Web Camera /Thumb Scanner

Generation of Reports


Document Registration

Marriage Registration

Firm and Societies Registration

Property Valuation


EC Search module

Scan Archival

Vendor Management System

Court order data entry module

Document Registration Process


J-slips containing information on transfer of agricultural lands is transmitted electronically  from KAVERI to BHOOMI to speed up the mutation process and to eliminate the errors in manual process.

Land details are captured from BHOOMI during registration process, there by avoiding duplicate registration.

KAVERI also transmits other information, using which Tahasildar generates the mutation notice instantly, thereby avoiding delay.

SMS service sends message on registration of the document and various stages of mutation to parties both in Kannada and English.

Integration with Banks through Bhoomi is in the pipeline to facilitate online filing of Loan Declarations (Form – 3).

11-E sketch number fed into KAVERI, with which its genuinely can be  verified from MOJANI.



The ‘Anywhere Registration & Encumbrance’ initiative aims to provide citizens with the freedom of availing department services at multiple offices by removing jurisdictional limitations.

During disruptions or heavy workload in a particular SRO the citizens have the option of going to a different office to get their work done

Anywhere registration introduced in Bangalore during July, 2011 on pilot basis in Gandhinagar registration district and Service extended across all 42 SROs in Bangalore.

Issue of encumbrance certificates from any of the 42 SROs in Bangalore Urban District launched in Nov, 2011.


Legacy Records before KAVERI(before 2003) are preserved in hard bound book volumes in record rooms which are susceptible to damage through human mishandling and natural calamities including fire, floods etc

Department intends to digitize and micro film the documents to

  1. Preservation of records
  2. Electronic Search and Issue of Certified Copies
  3. Accessibility to General public through citizen service centers and online portal


e-Stamping was brought in to eliminate fake manual stamp papers through online verification.

e-Stamping system was introduced on pilot basis on 14-03-2008 and extended across Karnataka from  16-12-2009 through SHCIL.

Post Offices, Syndicate Bank, Corporation Bank, Indian Bank, Souharda Co-operative Bank, Apex Bank etc, are the ACC’s for sale of e-Stamps.

There are 1136 ACC’s as on January, 2013

Office Address:-


Office Of The District Registratrar

1st Floor, Minividhanasoudha

Tumakuru -572101

Ph:-2275015 (0816)