Health and Family Welfare

Introduction about the Department & organization Structure

District Health and Family Welfare department is working under Zilla panchayath from past 1987 in Tumakuru. It is responsible for implementing all government programs relating to family planning in Karnataka and provides health care services to all the people of the district.

Objectives of the Department

Reduction in child and maternal mortality.

Universal access to public services for food and nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, and universal access to public health care services with emphasis on services addressing women’s and children’s health and universal immunization

Prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, including locally endemic diseases

Access to integrated comprehensive primary health care.

Population stabilization, gender and demographic balance.

Revitalization of local health traditions and mainstream AYUSH.

Promotion of healthy life styles.

The programme  and scheme Highlights

The following are the important programmes of Health department and for each programme one programme officer will be act as implementing and monitoring officer.

RCH programme:

A separate programme officer is looking after this programme who is responsible for Maternal and Child Health Services

District Surveillance:

A separate programme officer is looking after this programme who is responsible for control of communicable disease.

Malaria programme:

A separate programme officer is looking after this programme who is responsible for control of Malaria

RNTCP  & NLEP programme:

A separate programme officer for each programme is looking after this programme who is responsible for control of Tuberculosis, Leprosy


The department is conducting various training programmes to its personnel for the effective implementation of the scheme. An exhibition with respect to health education will be held in Sri. Siddaganga Matt and Pattanayakanahalli every year.

Guidelines and conditions in implementation of programmes:-

District planning sector programmes: in this programme construction of PHC buildings, hospital equipments repairs and instruments will be supplied.

Under NRHM the following programmes are there to give facilities to rural pregnant women through providing free medical facilities and monitory benefits.



Under this programme Madilu kits will be issued to the pregnant women who are of BPL, APL of SC&ST with 1st and 2nd live births in Govt institutions. Sensitization of immunization, High risk pregnancy will be made at the time of Seemanthaprogramme

Prasooti Araike:

Under this programme the benefit will be given to the pregnant women who are of BPL, APL of SC&ST in the 1st trimester Rs.1000/-and after delivery in the Govt. Hospital(1000-JSY Amount)

Universal Immunization Programme:

Under this programme BG,DPT,Polio etc vaccine will be given to 0 to 5 years children to prevent children diseases for free. In the month of January and February of every year Pulse Poilo Immunisation programme will be held to eradicate polio  for the 0 to 5 year childrens

Family Planning:

In this programme all the eligible couples will be motivated to undergo permanent sterilization like tubectomy, Laproscopicsurgery or Vasectomy for men. Temporary Family planning methods like IUD. Oral Pills, will be given for free to the eligible women and Nirodh will be supplied to men

Health Education and information programme:-

Under this programme awareness of all state and national level health programmes will be made through exhibitions, movies spots, health days, self help group sensitization, flex boards, Village Health Nutrition Days through Anganwadi Workers, Group discussions, fresh drinking water & sanitation campaigns, communicable diseases control programmes,

Diseases control programmes:-

Integrated Diseases surveillance programme(IDSP)

National vector born disease control programme(NVBDCP)

National Leprosy control programme(NLEP)

National Blindness control programme(NBCP)

Revised National tuberculosis control programme(RNTCP)

Aids prevention and control programme

ASHA programme

Arogya Kavacha(108) programme

Karnataka Health System Development Reform Project (KHSDRP)

Conditions, instructions, hand books, Rules and regulations which is used by the staff in discharging the duties

Health Department personnel are following KCSR,KFC,KTC and departmental circulars and the decisions taken from the ZillaPanchayath in implementation of the programme.

Department Achievements

Implementation of all government health programs and provides health care services to all the people of the district.

Budget: In the FY 2013-14 total amount of Rs.5441.54 Lakhs funds allotted towards planned and non planning Expenditure.


Reduction of Infant Deaths to 14.76

Reduction of Maternal Deaths to 79

Total fertility rate to 1.80

Institutional Deliveries 97%

Infrastructure development

Up gradation of PHCs

Computerization of health Data collection

Attendance through Biometrics

Capacity building training of Health personnel

Functionalisation of First Referral Units

Janani Suraksha Vahini free ambulance service

Right to information ACT 2005 4(1)

District Health & Family welfare Officers Duties and responsibilities

  • He is the head of the health department of the district.
  • Having the sanctioning authority for approving salaries and allowances of time bond posts under delegation of financial powers of the district
  • Sanctioning authority for approving leaves and loans of all the Medical Officers and staff of the district
  • Authority to implement the health programmes and having the power of taking precautionary measures
  • Authority to supervise and control of food adulteration
  • Head of all the national health programmes and district health department
  • Having the power of countersigning authority for the TA,DA and medical bills of Gazette Officers
  • Authority to approve Non-clinical services and countersign authority for the procurement bills
  •  Implementation and allocation of funds under Centrally sponsored grants and other grants
  • Authority for the Administrative approval and supervision of construction of buildings of the district

Details of supervisory and responsible officers:-

District RCH Officer:- Implementing officer for mother and child health and also for reproductive, postnatal care of women.

District Family Welfare Officer:- Implementing officer for Family planning sterilization

District Malaria Officer:-Controlling officer for malaria and responsible for control of mosquitoes.

District Surveillance Officer:- Responsible to control communicable diseases in the district and taking precautionary measures to supervise

District TB Control Officer:- Responsible to control Tuberculosis in the district

District Leprosy eradication Officer:- Responsible to control Leprosy in the district

Administrative Assistant:- Responsible for the office administration and supervision of staff service records, complaints resolution.

District Nursing Officer:- Responsible for the verification of health activities in all the health centers.

District Health Education Officer:- Responsible for information, Education, Publicity and Private Hospital information verification

Offices superintend (Administration):- Responsible to supervise Office administration.

Offices superintend (Accounts):- Responsible to supervise Office Accounts section.

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