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Siddara Hill

Siddara Hill: A Trekker’s Paradise in Karnataka

Siddara Hill is also known as “Siddara Betta” in Kannada, which means “Hill of Saints”. It is located in the Tumkur district of Karnataka, which is situated in the southern part of India. It is about 70 kilometers away from Bangalore and around 22 km from Tumkur and can be easily accessed by road, and there are several transportation options available from Tumkur, including buses, taxis, and private cars.
Siddara Hill has a rich history that dates back to the ancient times. The hill is home to several caves, which are believed to have been used by saints and ascetics for meditation. The hill is also known for its association with the legendary saint, Siddara Swami, who is said to have lived on the hill during the 19th century.It is said that the saint had miraculous powers and could perform many wonders, such as curing illnesses and bringing the dead back to life.Another legend associated with the hill is that it was home to a sage named Siddharaju, who lived during the reign of the Hoysala dynasty in the 12th century. The sage was a renowned physician and was believed to possess great knowledge of Ayurveda and herbal medicine. It is said that he used to treat people who came to him for help on the hill.
Tourist Attractions:
Siddara Hill is a popular destination for trekkers, and offers several trekking routes of varying difficulty levels. The trek to the top of the hill takes around 2-3 hours, and passes through lush green forests, streams, and waterfalls. The trek is a bit challenging, but the stunning views from the top make it all worth it. Apart from its historical and trekking significance, the hill is also home to several streams and waterfalls, which add to its natural beauty. The waterfall near the Siddara Swami cave called the Mookana Mane Abbi Falls is a popular spot and it is believed that the water has the power to cure various ailments and diseases, and that taking a dip in the waterfall can bring good luck and prosperity.
Siddara Hill is a melting pot of cultures, and is home to people from different communities and backgrounds. The hill is also known for its association with the Siddara Swami, who is considered to be a saint by many.The Siddara Swami cave, which is located on the hill, is a popular destination for pilgrims and devotees. The cave is believed to have been used by Siddara Swami for meditation, and is considered to be a sacred place by many.

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