Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary

The Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary is the second largest painted storks sanctuary in South Asia, right after KokkareBellur. The place is a must visit for bird watchers, as the beautiful birds can be seen nesting in the region all through the peak season. The season starts in February and runs through till August. In August you can see the remaining few birds, or as the locals say, the lazy birds.


The storks are important to the villagers, here, and in order to preserve their natural habitat, tamrind trees are mainted for the birds to roost and nest on. Other birds that have been sighted here are the Blackbuck and the Grey Pelican. The village became a spot on the map in the year 1999, due to the group known as the WANC (Wildlife Aware Nature Club), who are responsible for monitoring the nesting colony and the wetlands used by the birds.


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How to Reach :

The Nearest Airport For Sira is Bengaluru International Airport at a distance of 130km.

The Nearest Railway Station For Sira is Gubbi railway Station at a distance of 48km.

It is located at Near Sira. At a distance of 10 km from Sira.