Department  of Public Libraries


 1. Tumakuru Head office complete  address


      District Central Library

       Town Hall Cricle


        Tumakuru -572101.


  2. Contact Details


           Office of the Deputy Director

           District Central Library

           B.H.Road, Town Hall Cricle

           Tumakuru -572101.

           Office ph. No-08162278063


  3. Hierarchy of  office.


a.   District Central  Library

b.   Branch  Libraries

c.   Gram Panchayath Libraries

      i. Tumakuru Talluk                 -  42 Gram Panchayath Libraries

      ii. Gubbi Talluk                   -  33 Gram Panchayath Libraries

      iii.  Turuvekere Talluk        -  26 Gram Panchayath Libraries

     iv. Koratagere Talluk           -  25 Gram Panchayath Libraries

     v. Sira Talluk                       -   37 Gram Panchayath Libraries

         vi. Pavagada Talluk              -  35 Gram Panchayath Libraries

         vii. Kunigal  Talluk              -  36 Gram Panchayath Libraries

        viii. Madhugiri Talluk           -  40 Gram Panchayath Libraries

        ix. Tiptur      Talluk               -  27 Gram Panchayath Libraries

       x. Chikkanayakanhalli            - 29 Gram Panchayath Libraries







      District Central Library Genral information.


              A  Library is a collection of information, sources, resources, books, and services and the structure in which it is housed: it is organized for use and maintained by a public, institution, of a private individual. In the more traditional sense, a library is a collection of books, The term can mean the collection, the building that house such a collection or bith.



           Father of Library Sciences in India




        World Librarians



Library classification systems


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  Five  Laws of Library science

  1. Books Are  for  use
  2. Every Book Its Reader
  3. Every Reader his /her Book
  4. Save the Time of the user
  5. Library is a Growing organisation







    Office Timings

                10-00am To 05-30pm

                Closed on Every Sunday, Second Saturday & All Govt. Holidays   


   Branches Library Timings

                 08-00am To 11-30am and 03-00pm to 7-30pm

                Closed on Every Monday, Second Tuesday & All Govt. Holidays


Branches Library Address

              Kunigal  Branch Library

              Santhe  Beedi  Road

              Near Siddhartha  high school



             Tiptur Branch Library

             Town hall

             Near Nagarasabha  Office



            Madhugiri Branch Library

            Doom light circle

            Muncipal office road 



           Koratagere Branch Library

           Bihand K.S.R.T.C .Bus stand



           Sira Branch Library

           Near state  Bank of mysore

           Main road ,Sira.-572137



         Pavagada  Branch  Library

         Near BSNL office

         Hurubhagilu road



        Gubbi  Branch  Library

        Word No:3

        Railaway Station Road



        Turuvekere  Branch Library

         Near Muncipal office



         Chikanayakkanahalli  Branch Library

         Huliyar Road,Near KSRTC Bus Stand



         Siddagangamatta Branch Library

         Prapulla Bhavan  ,

         Siddaganga compitative  Study  Center

          Siddagabga mutt














Programmes and schemes

  1. Singal  window programmes.
    1. Furnitures  Purchasing
    2. Book Purchasing
  2. Raja  Ram  Mohan Ray  foundation Scheme.

a. Book Purchasing


Fecilities / Services Provide by   the  department and  Procedure to get  fecilities / Services.


1        Every person who enters the library shall sign the gate register in token of his/her acceptance to adhere to the rules of the library.


2        No personal belongings shall be allowed except for purses and notebooks. These shall be deposited at the property counter.


3        The readers shall maintain silence within the library premises.


4        No reader is allowed to sleep in the library premises. 


5        Eating/loud conversation/chewing and similar objectionable acts are not allowed and are strictly prohibited in the library.


6        Borrowers will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation of the document noticed at the time of returning. Hence it is in the interest

         of the borrower to verify at the time of borrowing, whether the document is in good condition or not, and report damage/mutilation if any, to

         the library staff.

7        The Library staff are authorized to check any user for documents brought into or taken out of the Library.


8        The readers are liable for punishment and fine if found misbehaving or indulging in the process of book hiding, stealing, mutilate, write,

          mark or damage the books or any other property of the library.


9        The reader shall behave in a civilized manner. The librarian may expel any person if the presence of such a person is liable to break the


10    Please do not reshelf the books/journals after use, leave them on the table.   The library staff shall reshelf them.

11    The reader shall behave in a civilized manner. The librarian may expel any person if the presence of such a person is liable to break the



12    Contravention of the above rules will entail suspension/cancellation of membership or any other corrective action that the management may

         think it.


        Circulation Rules:


        1        Every member shall present their own borrower’s ticket before any book is issued.


        2        New Books can only be issued after technical processing has been completed.


        3        Reference books, rare books, unbounded periodicals may not be issued generally except with the written permission of the librarian.


        4        The members shall be allowed to refer books in the Library only after submitting their ID Card to the Librarian.


        5        The librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of a book   to any member or he can recall  any book without assigning any

                  reason thereby.



         Renewal of Book:



        1        Documents borrowed should be presented physically for renewal.


        2        Documents will be renewed only if there are no demand for that Book.


         Over Dues:


        1        If books are not returned on due date, an overdue charge of0. 25rs/1Book/ per day will be charged.


        2        The librarian can refuse to issue books to defaulters.


        3        Any recovery once debited shall not be refunded.









Librarian may send reminders for the overdue books.


        Loss of Books /Damage:


          In case any book is lost /damaged by the member, the member shall replace the book or pay the double the cost of the lost book. If one book lost in the volumes of the set, the reader has to replace the whole set.



        Loss of Borrowers Tickets:


The members are responsible for the Borrower’s Cards issued to them. In case of loss of Borrower’s Card, the borrower must report immediately to the Librarian.





        A. Steps to becoming a member to the Library.


a.      Applicant must take application form (Rs.1/-)


b.     Must fill all the relevant columns with a reference from notable person.



c.      After collecting form in the Library, we send a letter to the person given address. He should come along with the letter with a Identity proof & photos.


d.     Collect relevant fee with receipt.



e.      Finally we provide membership cards with Chief- Librarian /Librarian / Section In-charge sign to the member with some Library Instructions








        B. Steps to barrow a book from Library.


a.      Members can take books (not allow to get Reference Books) from library as pledge their each card per Book.


b.     Within 15 days member must return or renewal to next date. That time must produce the books to the section in-charge.


c.      There will be fine After 15 days as 1day/per Book/ 1.Rs


        C. Fee Structure


·        1 Book/1 Card = Rs. 50/-


·        2 Book/2 Card = Rs. 75/-


·        3 Book/3 Card = Rs. 100/-



      Library sections