Name of the Section Phone No. Contact For
Administrative Section
0816-  2278718
     Which deals with the matters relating to vacancies, appointments, pay & allowances, transfers & promotions, postings, retirements, CCA (Classification, Control & Appeals), Personal Deposit Accounts, Audit Reports, DC Diary and Business Statistics
Revenue Section
0816-  2278718
     This section deals with jamabandi, DCB (Demand Collection & Balance), Land Grants, Land Acquisition, Land Conversion, PTCL, Appeals, Land Reforms cases, Mines & Minerals and Regularisation of encroachments
Election Section
    This section deals with Election matters pertaining to Loksabha, Vidhansabha, Vidhanparishat, all local body elections such as Grama Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat, Municipalities, APMC, and other co-operative institutions. This section also deals with the Census
Municipal Section
0816- 2254638
    This section deals with all Municipal matters including service matters, progress made under various schemes like SJSRY (Swarna Jananthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana), IDSMT (Integrated Development of Small & Medium towns), Water supply schemes, Housing schemes and Slum Area Development
Mujurai Section
0816-  2278718
     This section deals with construction & renovation of Muzarai temples, appointment of Dharmadarshies and payments to Archaks' (Tasdik & annuity) salary, Aradhana Schemes
Judicial Section
0816-  2278718
     This section deals with judicial matters such as Law & Order (Section 144 etc.,) issue of licenses for Arms and Ammunitions & Cinemas.
Social Security pensions Unit
0816-  2278718
    This section deals with NFBS, OAP, PHP,DWP,SSY, Anthysamskara sahayadhana,Adarsha vivaha(Mass Marriage) and other social security schemes.

Miscellaneous Section

0816-  2278718
        MPLAD and other Schemes. It also deals with meeting statistics, PWD works, issue of income and caste certificates, House Rent Control (HRC) and other miscellaneous matters of Revenue Department